Naruto Akatsuki | Hand-Painted PS4 Controller

Naruto Akatsuki | Hand-Painted PS4 Controller

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This Dualshock 4 plays on any working Playstation 4 system.
It works just like any other controller would, with some obvious enhancements. 

The controller itself was originally a brand new standard black DS4, until I painted its parts by hand.. which is a very diligent thing to do successfully. 
With many thick layers of paint specifically designed.. every controller is unique as they are each done by hand. 
It works perfectly with no issues whatsoever, though the touch pad may not respond to touch as sensitive as it has, because paint has been incorporated over the sensitive layer, but the buttons and everything else functions as it should. 
The controller has a very painted feel which adds something like a grip, and a cool look overall. 
The model of the controller is the slim / pro controller model; the latest in the industry for Playstation 4 systems — guaranteeing the best quality gameplay there is. 

If you ever have any questions, do message me, I am always here to help!

  • Return Policy

    Because my small business is still growing, I do not accept refunds unless the item arrived defective. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

  • Made To Order

    This products begings production as soon as it is ordered, which takes 2-3 weeks or less.

    If there is ever a delay in production, it will be posted publicly to the main page.


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