Red Matter | Hydro-Dipped PS4 Controller

Red Matter | Hydro-Dipped PS4 Controller

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New addition to my portfolio of remade controllers. Started off as a brand new DS4 until I upgraded its parts, everything works the way it should. 
The shell has been hydrodipped into a graphic design, and sealed with automotive clear coat - which is meant for cars, so you won’t see this thing chip or even fade. 
Primary buttons had LEDs installed, with a special place on the back to activate them with the touch of your finger. The LEDs have 9 different color variants. 
Message me with any questions.

  • Return Policy

    Because my small business is still growing, I do not accept refunds unless the item arrived defective. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

  • Made To Order

    This products begings production as soon as it is ordered, which takes 1-2 weeks or less.

    If there is ever a delay in production, it will be posted publicly to the main page.


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